Top 20 Reasons

Top 20 Reasons Why
Firefly® LED Illuminated Cable Protectors™
Are Your Best Choice in a Cable Protection Solution

Industry’s First and Only Features:

  1. Industry’s first and only cable protectors with highly visible proprietary animated LED illumination that increases awareness and reduces the tripping hazard and potential legal liability.
  2. Industry’s first and only cable protection solution that protects more than just your cables by emphasizing safety as an important component to the cable protector’s design.
  3. Industry’s first and only cable protector with channel dividers that are tapered 45° at the ends to prevent snags when used with cables that are banded or bundled together.
  4. Industry’s first and only cable protector with metal reinforced small screw holes at corners for non-damaging and repeatable semi-permanent installation to floor.
  5. Industry’s first and only cable protectors available in an easy to handle length (32”) that can be placed in standard doorways so that cables can be run flush against walls.
  6. Industry’s first and only cable protector with beveled edges on underside of lid to prevent banded or bundled cables from snagging during loading and unloading.
  7. Industry’s first and only safety green cable protector, the latest safety color, studies have shown that green is the most visible color to the human eye.
  8. Industry’s first and only easy to assemble and disassemble Boot Connectors™ allowing for quicker set-ups and tear-downs.
  9. Industry’s first and only cable protection products with optional integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags for inventory tracking and loss prevention control.
  10. Industry’s first and only cable protector with the largest leading edge of lid rest area on base (3/4”) to prevent lid from being pushed down into the channel, especially when used on uneven terrain.

Other Important Features:

  1. Hinge design that begins with the lid not with the base, preventing cables from becoming caught between the lid and base at end of cable protector.
  2. Lid that opens past 90° to keep lid open when loading and unloading cables.
  3. Hinge design that reduces premature wear by allowing dirt and debris to fall through and not collect in the hinge.
  4. One of the industry’s longest limited warranties, 14 months.
  5. High contrast color combination, black base with highly visible safety green lid.
  6. Hinge design that is completely flat and not raised above the lid surface to reduce potential trip hazard.
  7. Heavy duty extremely durable cast polyurethane that stands up to the toughest abuse.
  8. Ultra violet (UV) stabilized polyurethane that resists premature fading, cracking and discoloration due sun exposure.
  9. Greater overall value than other common cable protector brands that do not offer hazard warning illumination and other innovative features.
  10. The highest standard to which all cable protection products will be compared.